Introduction to this section#

This section of TheMulQuaBio course builds on the computing component, introducing you to statistical analyses of data. You will learn statistics in a hands-on on way using the programming language R, interspersed with lectures on statistical concepts.


The chapters in this Section assume that you have already worked through at least the basic sections of the R Chapter of these notes.

It is important that you work through the problems in each chapter, particularly as some of the questions ask you to find out about commands and functions not introduced in the chapter’s text itself, but which will be relied on in later chapters.

Readings & Resources#

Look up the Readings directory on TheMulQuaBio.

  • Bolker, B. M.: Ecological Models and Data in R (eBook and Hardcover available).

  • Beckerman, A. P. & Petchey, O. L. (2012) Getting started with R: an introduction for biologists. Oxford, Oxford University Press. (Good, short, general introduction)

  • Crawley, R. (2013) The R book. 2nd edition. Chichester, Wiley.Excellent but enormous reference book, with code and data available online